Renovations to our main office will begin July 22nd and expected to take a few months to complete. Thank you for your patience as we make our facility more accommodating for you.

Bio-Diesel Recycling

Our Bio-diesel plant has been operational since 2007. This equipment allows us to make our own diesel fuel and saves the utilities money, which in turn saves the customer money! We are making high quality bio-diesel fuels from used oil turned in to us from our Oil Recycling Program. We burn this fuel in our Utility trucks and heavy equipment. The exhaust from vehicles using our biodiesel fuel smells like french fries, not diesel fumes!

We Recycle Bio-Diesel To Make Soap

The "waste byproduct" of making biodiesel from this oil is GLYCERIN which we form into decorative soaps used in recycling education efforts to the public.

You Can Be a Part of Our Bio-Diesel Program!

Bring your used cooking oil or grease to any of our recycling stations around Daphne today!