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Emergency Information

  • Prevention Checklist
  • Keep combustibles away from furnaces, heaters, gas ranges, and dryers.
  • Make sure pilot lights are lit when they are turned on.
  • Never use a gas range as a space heater.
  • Only install gas heaters in well-ventilated areas.
  • Keep gas ranges clean.

Accident Prevention Strategies

Just over 25 percent of American homes are fueled by natural gas, the cleanest burning fuel source. While it offers reliable and efficient energy, natural gas can be highly dangerous if handled improperly. Possible hazards of natural gas include fire, explosion, carbon monoxide poisoning, and/or suffocation. Adhering to these simple guidelines can help reduce the potential of a dangerous accident.

Gas Leak Detection and Procedure

For Gas Leak Detection and Emergency procedures, click here

Emergency Water Conservation Plan

Download the Emergency Water Conservation Plan.