Renovations to our main office will begin July 22nd and expected to take a few months to complete. Thank you for your patience as we make our facility more accommodating for you.

Current Rates

Current Water Rates Current Sewer Rates Current Natural Gas Rates

Garbage/Recycle Service

Billed At A Rate Of $13.90 Per Month
No Deposit Is Required
Recycle Bins Are Available At No Charge
For Details Please Contact The Public Works Division At (251)-621-3182

Residential Capacity Fees

Water Capacity Fee $2,100.00
Sewer Capacity fee $2,800.00
Natural Gas Capacity Fee Schedule (* Aid to Construction Fees)

* Aid to construction fees are required when the natural gas appliances planned for your new or existing home will not generate enough revenue to cover the costs to install service to your home. This following fee schedule is designed to cover the cost of service installation.

Appliance Fees

Natural Gas Log Lighter $500.00
Natural Gas Light $500.00
Natural Gas Grill $500.00
Natural Gas Logs $500.00
Natural Gas Generator $500.00
Natural Gas Range $300.00
Natural Gas Dryer $300.00
Natural Gas Furnace $250.00
Natural Gas Water Heater $0.00
Natural Gas Water Heater (with any of the above) $0.00
Natural Gas Furnace (with any of the above) $0.00
Four or more of the above appliances $0.00