Daphne Utilities is committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality, uninterrupted utility services at affordable rates. Throughout the year, we strive to meet this commitment through regular maintenance, system upgrades and construction of new utility infrastructure. Here we will provide regular updates to some of the major ongoing construction projects.

Olde Towne Daphne Water Treatment Facility | 1608 Sixth Street, Daphne, Alabama

Project Description: This project is a replacement for the two oldest production wells and treatment facilities in our drinking water distribution system. The two well facilities are currently located on Sixth Street (constructed in 1957) and on Trione Street (constructed in 1962). While both facilities still meet and exceed all regulatory standards, both have reached their maximum practical life and need to be upgraded. The new facility will provide for better mixing of the water during the treatment process and eliminate the potential for lime settling as was common with the old facilities. Daphne Utilities owns the property at 1608 Sixth Street across the street from the oldest well. This project entails constructing a new production well on the site and converting the structure into a water treatment facility. The new facility will be constructed to closely resemble the current structure and will appear to the passerby to simply be another residential home on this street. Daphne Utilities has also taken extra measures in the design to abate as much noise as possible, and anticipates no more equipment noise from this site than the current site located across the street. Project Timeline: January 2015 with anticipated completion in fall of 2016 Updates: * January, 2015 – Test hole at Sixth Street completed * April, 2015 – Test hole at Trione Street completed * July, 2015 – Demolition of structure to begin * August, 2015 - Bid awarded to Griner Drilling to conduct production well drilling and testing * November, 2015  -Production well testing and development completed * January, 2016 – Bid awarded to Creel for construction of the onsite treatment facility * March 2016 - Contractor mobilized * April 2016 - Contractor poured building foundation & walls

Douglas Road Water Storage | Douglas Road Daphne, Alabama

Project Description: This project is an addition of a 1,000,000 gallon water storage tank to provide needed capacity to meet the water demands of Daphne Utilities’ customers located in the northern portion of our service area. Daphne Utilities owns 3 acres of wooded property at the end of Douglas Road off of Hwy 90 in Daphne. This project entails constructing a 1,000,000 gallon ground storage tank in the SW corner of the property along with the pumping and piping infrastructure to support it. The tank is a glass-on-steel structure which is highly durable and near-maintenance free. It will be dark green in color to blend into the wooded surroundings. Daphne Utilities has designed this project to fit into the neighborhood area. The tank will be located as far back into the corner of the property as possible to maintain a buffer from it and the nearest homes. Minimal clearing will occur on the site leaving as many trees as possible, and the access driveway will curve through the property so as to eliminate line of site viewing of the tank from the road. Project Timeline: January 2015 with anticipated completion in summer 2016 Updates:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8f4ir8cCZ8 * January, 2015 – contract awarded to Southeastern Tank for 1 million gallon tank construction. Tank will be constructed at the factory and shipped to Daphne for assembly. * July, 2015 – contract awarded for clearing, grubbing, and rough grading for the tank foundation * September, 2015 – tank site and stormwater detention area have been graded.  Connections have been made to the existing watermains that will supply the tank * December, 2015 – contract awarded to the Eschelman Company to supply the onsite booster station * January, 2016 – foundation completed and erection of the tank has started * February, 2016 - Tank erection completed * April, 2016 - Booster pump & building delivered & installed  

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