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Did you know...

Clogged pipes lead to overflows, a serious mood killer in any household. Did you know grease is the cause of approximately 47% of blocked sewage overflows in the United States each year?

Cooking grease coats pipelines similar to the way fatty food clogs human arteries. The grease clings to the inside of the pipelines, eventually causing a complete blockage. Grease should NEVER be poured down the drain. If a small amount of grease accidentally gets into your drain flush immediately with COLD water.

Daphne Utilities offers a convenient way to dispose of your used grease and cooking oil. Stop by any of our convenient location below to pick up a FREE grease recycling container. Once it’s full, return it to us and pick up another one.

Grease and Cooking Oil Recycle Locations

  • Palladian Jubilee Ridge
  • Malbis Shell
  • Public Works
  • Short Stop Shell
  • Grande Point Apartments
  • Marathon 31
  • Spanish Fort Marathon
  • Daphne Utilities Main Office
  • Riviera Utilities Pelican Bay Apartments
  • East Bay Apartments
  • Arbors by the bay
  • Audubon Apartments
  • Ashley Gates
  • Lake Forest Apartments
  • Circle K


Grease management and Disposing Tips

  • Pour cooled grease into our recycling containers and drop off at one of our 16 used oil recycling stations.
  • Do not use hot water and soap to try to wash grease down the drain. It will eventually cool and harden in the sewer lines.
  • Mix cooking oils with absorbent material such as coffee grounds or cat litter. Place in a tight lidded container and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • Wipe or scrape food particles from pots, pans and dishes into the trash can prior to placing them in the sink for washing.
  • Wipe excess fats and grease from pans with a fry paper towel and toss in the garbage.
  • Always use sink basket strainers and empty into trash can.
  • Use Disposable towels to wipe down work areas.
  • Collect and empty grill scrapings and fryer vat grease in grease recycling container.
  • Do not put liquid foods like gravy, milk, shakes or batter containing fat, oil or grease down the drain.
  • Do not put fats, oils, grease or food down the drain.
  • Do not wash pots, pans, utensils, etc. until food, oil and/or grease has been wiped away.

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