There is no higher priority for EPA than protecting the health and safety of Americans. EPA is providing this important information about COVID-19 as it relates to drinking water and wastewater to provide clarity to the public. The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking-water supplies. Based on current evidence, the risk to water supplies is low. Americans can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual. To read the full article:

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Did you know Daphne Utilities offers a variety of ways to learn more about water, waste water and Natural Gas?

We offer a variety of ways to meet educational needs:

Free Tours & Field Trips

Daphne Utilities Water Reclamation Facility

All of the wastewater in Daphne is treated and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner at our Water Reclamation Facility. Students and teachers will get to see, learn, and really experience what happens to your wastewater. It's interesting, Educational, and most of all...FUN!

  • View "bugs" through a microscope - these are the beneficial bacteria used to treat the wastewater.
  • How large is a tank that holds more than 1 million gallons of water? We have 5 of them on site!
  • View jet engines spinning at 20,000 rpms to create the oxygen needed for the treatment process.
  • The largest microwave oven in the state of Alabama is used to dry sludge into a biosolid fertilizer product.
  • UV disinfection - the biggest tanning bed you've ever seen - to disinfect the treated water before release into Mobile Bay

Daphne Utilities Olde Towne Daphne Water Treatment Facility

  • Visit innovative style facility
  • See how Hypochlorite Disinfection Process works
  • This facility treats approximately one million gallons of water a day
  • New clear well technology
  • Groundwater plant

The tour takes approximately 1-1/2 hours. Your students will enjoy and learn more if they already know a little about what they will be seeing. Please ensure students are familiar with basic water concepts such as the water cycle, water quality, recycling, pollution, conservation and others

Natural Gas Education

Daphne Utilities, in partnership with the National Energy Foundation, is pleased to provide teachers and students with the Academy of Natural Gas Education Program. The mission of the Academy of Natural Gas Education program is to cultivate energy literacy by promoting the safe and wise use of natural gas.

This program strives to help students think about energy issues, talk to adults about those issues and take action when needed.


Looking for more information?

Please contact our Communications Manager, Samantha Coppels for more information or to schedule a tour. (251) 533-5880 or [email protected]

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