Irrigation Meter Special

  • How Do I Sign Up?
  • Click the link below and review the water conservation presentation.
  • Then take the Irrigation Conservation quiz
  • Pass the quiz and print your e-certificate good for a $350.00 discount on an Irrigation Capacity Fee.
  • Bring your certificate to our office to setup your new irrigation service
Click to begin saving

Save $350.00 on the cost of an irrigation meter (applies to residential customers only)

How Does An Irrigation Meter Save Me Money?

The irrigation meter is not subject to sewer charges unlike your home meter. There is no monthly minimum fee, so in the winter time you are not charged a minimum if there is no usage. This is a great investment for high volume customers! For example, if you use 6 units of water per month for irrigation use, the cost of the Irrigation Meter would pay for itself over a two year period of use. If you use 12 units of water for irrigation use, the cost of the meter would pay for itself within a 12 month period of use.

How much does it cost?

The cost for an irrigation meter is a $500.00 connection fee for a standard 5/8" X 3/4" size meter. This fee may be paid up front or we can put it on your bill in monthly installments of $50.00 for a period of ten Months. Come by our office and visit one of our customer service representatives to get signed up today.


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